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Sustainable living in the energy storage house

Confidence wins

The HerzoBase research project of the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences and the Nuremberg Energy Campus offers maximum living comfort for eight families with minimum energy consumption.

Two SWCV series brine-to-water heat pumps heat and cool the eight residential units and create a feel-good climate on 1,200 m².

Domestic hot water is provided decentrally by eight WWB 20 hot water boosters.

The installed photovoltaic system with electricity storage supplies the residents with electricity and thus ensures favourable operating costs.


Research project: HerzoBase - Energiespeicherhäuser
Promoted by: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
Research: Technische Hochschule Nürnberg und Energie Campus Nürnberg
client: Fa. Raab
location: Herzogenaurach
year of construction: 2017
residential units: 8
heated area: 1.200 m²
heating system: 2x SWCV and two buffer storage tanks TPS 800 and TPS 2,000 combined with photovoltaics and electricity storage SMA
Intended use: Heating and cooling and decentralised domestic hot water preparation through 8x WWB 20
Heating operation: Sanitärtechnik Werner Merklein GmbH

Kompakte Sole/Wasser-Wärmepumpe


The SWCV brine-to-water heat pumps from alpha innotec are more flexible in terms of installation than almost any other device and can be optimally combined with other energy suppliers, such as photovoltaic or solar systems, and thus perfectly adapted to a wide variety of conditions and requirements. But it is not only the interior of the unit that is convincing; the "packaging" is also impressive: With its elegant and modern design, the heat pump fits into any living ambience and can thus also be placed in living rooms if there is no space or no cellar. And don't worry: the heat pump is barely audible in operation! With the SWCV, you can heat your home and prepare domestic hot water in an environmentally friendly and efficient way, enjoy the individual feel-good climate throughout the house and hot water for showering and bathing.

No other heating system can do this: heating in winter, cooling in summer. Natural cooling is a very cost-effective way of using the low temperatures in the ground to cool the rooms in summer in a pleasant and environmentally friendly way, because the heat pump remains switched off during the cooling phase. The room temperature is lowered via panel heating or fan-assisted convectors. Depending on the equipment, the cooling function is already integrated or available as an optional accessory.

We are very happy with our decision and would do it again and again. We are also very satisfied with the technology installed. I think it is very important to deal with the issue of climate change and the energy transition and to integrate sustainability into our lives and to do our bit to protect our planet.


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