Energy efficiency labelling


Since 26.09.2015, the ErP Ecodesign Directive (ErP = Energy related Products) for heat generators and water storage tanks has been mandatory in Europe. This means that the energy-efficient design and labelling of energy-related products, which we already know from refrigerators, washing machines, etc., will also apply to heat pumps and water heaters.

The EU directive focuses on improved energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of energy-related products. These minimum requirements for environmentally friendly design are communicated transparently to the outside world with the ErP label and its mandatory technical data.

The most important and best-known specification is the energy efficiency class. Heating appliances are classified on a scale from G to A++. Hot water storage tanks are classified from G to A.

The highest level, A+++, is currently only awarded to appliances that use a large proportion of renewable energy, such as heat pumps.

This means that heat pump owners are opting for one of the most sustainable solutions.