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After a long search, the Laaber family finally found their dream home. The Hybrox 16 air/water heat pump from alpha innotec is now being used to replace an ageing oil heating system. The compact and quiet outdoor unit is ideally suited to the requirements of the house in terms of performance and enables efficient heating - even at low outside temperatures.

With the Hybrox 16, the couple have found the ideal heating system for their dream home, which not only meets their needs but also saves costs in the long term.

Wärmepumpe alpha innotec Hybrox 16


Owner: Laaber family
Location: Untersteinach (Bavaria)
Year of construction: 1989
Residential units: one
Building heating load (calculated): 16.8 kW
Outdoor unit: Hybrox 16 air/water heat pump
Indoor units: Wall-mounted controller, hot water tank, separating buffer tank
Intended use: Heating and domestic hot water preparation
Installing specialist company: Haustechnik Herrmannsdörfer GmbH


Conversion from oil heating to HYBROX 16 air/water heat pump

Christian Laaber and his wife had been looking for a family home for 3 years: "We looked at a lot of houses, but somehow it always wasn't right. In the end, we thought about building our own." When the couple viewed an existing building from 1989 in Untersteinach, Bavaria, in 2022, it quickly became clear: this was the one. "The first impression immediately convinced us: spacious rooms and large windows in the living area, lots of space and a beautiful garden. And then there's the quiet location right next to the countryside. We are happy that we have finally found our home."

No major modernization work was required, so the building could be used without much effort. Only the oil heating system, also from 1989, was no longer up to date. "A new oil heating system would have been an option, but we decided on an air/water heat pump. The house already had underfloor heating, so it was easy to switch to a heat pump."
As the outdoor unit was to be installed on a narrow strip behind the house near the neighbors' property, the new owners were looking for a compact, visually and acoustically unobtrusive device. "During our research, we came across the alpha innotec Hybrox 8. But because of the size of the building and the corresponding heat requirement, we would have had to install two units as a cascade." The newly developed Hybrox 16, which complements the Hybrox series at the top end, came just at the right time. "Its heating capacity is perfect for our house, so we only have one appliance and therefore less effort."

Like all appliances in the Hybrox series, the Hybrox 16 uses inverter control to perfectly adapt its performance to the current heat demand of the house, making it especially efficient. Even in January 2024, with outside temperatures as low as -13°C, the system achieved a COP of 3.8. This means that the heat pump only needs 0.26 kWh of electricity to provide 1 kWh of heating energy - the rest of the energy comes from the outside air. With rising outside temperatures and falling heat demand, this balance will improve even further in the coming months.

The owner is very impressed with these values: "We are now heating in a climate-friendly and economical way, which will also be reflected in the heating costs if oil prices rise in the long term. The outdoor unit works unobtrusively and quietly. With the Hybrox 16, we have found the perfect heating system for our dream home."


Wärmepumpe alpha innotec Hybrox 16 vor älterem Wohngebäude

"With the Hybrox 16, we have now also found the perfect heating system for our dream home."


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