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Heat pump registration


By registering your heat pump on the remote maintenance portal, or, you enjoy a number of advantages:

Using alpha web or the alpha control app, the heat pump can be controlled or monitored remotely from anywhere in the world.
Operating states, running times, temperatures, settings and much more can be conveniently viewed and changed from anywhere in the world - whether with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

It is also possible to grant your installer access to your heat pump system. This allows him to make remote settings or read out data. This provides you with increased operational reliability and customer service calls can be carried out in a more targeted manner or even saved. In addition to our factory customer service, your installer, provided he is an alpha innotec customer service partner, can also install the latest software version directly online.

Neither additional software nor hardware is required for the connection to our heatpump24 portal.
Only an internet connection must be available on site, to which the heat pump controller (from Luxtronik 2.0) is connected by means of a network cable.


  • Notification in the event of a fault via e-mail and SMS
  • Automatic data query of various information (operating modes, temperatures, running times)
  • Automatic fault query and fault notification
  • Separate access for service partner, installer and customer possible
  • Documentation of error messages and changed settings
  • Error reset possible online
  • Online upload of the latest software version possible