Wherever your home needs heating.

Discover the flexibility:

Our Paros heat pump adapts perfectly to your home

The extremely quiet and lightweight heat pump can be installed almost anywhere in the house - e.g. inconspicuously under the roof.

Maximize living space - No wasted space with our Paros heat pump

Thanks to its innovative air duct system, the compact heat pump can be installed under the roof in the attic. This preserves valuable living space - and the heating technology discreetly concealed.

The most important Paros facts at a glance

Integrated active cooling

Combinable with photovoltaics

Ideal for new buildings and renovations

Top quality "Made in Germany"

Air/water heat pump for indoor installation

Smart plug & play concept

Lightweight and compact design

Highly flexible in terms of installation

Whisper quiet with max. 48 dB(A)