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Users of a heat pump are independent of fossil, finite energy sources and the associated price developments. Heat pumps use 75% renewable energy from the air, groundwater or the earth. Only the remaining 25% of the required electricity needs to be drawn from the grid or obtained from a solar system on the roof. This makes the heat pump a particularly resource-saving and climate-friendly solution - for heating and cooling buildings of all types and sizes.

The possible applications for alpha innotec heat pumps are extremely versatile. They can air-condition detached and semi-detached houses as well as be installed in new build and renovation projects. We also provide suitable heat pump systems for businesses, local authorities and large facilities, thus creating holistic and future-proof energy concepts.


In order to make the most of all the benefits of the heat pump, it is crucial to decide which heat pump meets your requirements. In addition to air-to-water heat pumps for indoor and outdoor installation, we also offer brine-to-water heat pumps for indoor installation.

Which heat pump is right for me?

With a heat pump, consumers not only save energy in an environmentally conscious way, they also save money. The energy efficiency of a heat pump is enormous and higher than that of any other heating system. We can easily determine which heat pump is suitable for which property and for which use.

Intelligent heating control


Optimize your home with intelligent control technology for heat pumps. Experience maximum efficiency, individual comfort and noticeable energy savings. Perfectly tailored to your needs - for a smarter, warmer home.