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A heat pump is an impressive piece of technology: efficient, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance – regular inspection by a chimney sweep is as unnecessary as time-consuming cleaning work. However, unfortunately, it does not operate completely without maintenance. Therefore, we will deal with important questions about the maintenance and technology of heat pumps here.

Heat pumps are low-maintenance

Heat pumps are truly multi-talented: Thanks to advanced technology, they not only provide environmentally friendly heating, but some models can also be used as air conditioners and cool the inside of the building. Heat pumps generally require little maintenance – there are no major differences between the various options in terms of maintenance. Only the wells for water-to-water heat pumps and the protective grille of some air-to-water heat pumps in outdoor installation require some additional attention, but even here the effort is limited.

Why maintenance is necessary

Anyone who owns a heat pump also wants to enjoy the device for as long as possible. Regular maintenance of your heat pump ensures that it will always be in perfect condition. Possible problems and errors can, as a result, be detected and corrected at an early stage. Signs of wear are also detected in good time and measures will be taken by the specialist. This means that regular maintenance allows the heat pump to run all year round without failures.

Maintenance intervals for heat pumps

To ensure that your heat pump always works properly and lasts as long as possible, regular maintenance is essential. The exact actions to be taken during each maintenance service vary from device to device. For specific instructions, please refer to the operating manual for your heat pump.

The cooling circuit of alpha innotec's heat pumps does not require any special attention. However, for most devices, it is, in any case, recommended that you check and clean all of the components of the heating circuit. These are, for example, expansion vessels, filters, strainers, circulation pumps and valves. All of this work should be done annually on average . The quality of the heating water should also be recorded analytically on an annual basis.

This ensures that it complies with the specifications. In the event of deviations, appropriate measures must be taken immediately. If you own a water-to-water heat pump, the wells also have to be checked and cleaned if necessary. On some air-to-water heat pumps, the intake and discharge openings and the protective grille must be inspected and cleaned if necessary.

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Maintenance of a air source heat pump

The air source heat pump uses outside air as an energy source. In order for the heat pump to be able to suck this in and release it back to the outside, the supply and exhaust air ducts must be checked during every maintenance service. The protective grille also requires regular inspection and cleaning.

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Maintenance of a ground source heat pump

When maintaining a ground source heat pump or brine heat pump, check the frost protection of the brine. During this process, the pressure is checked in order to refill brine, if necessary. If the pressure drop is very high, this may be a sign of a leak. Measures must then be taken by the professional as quickly as possible.

Heat pump service life

As with any other utilitarian device, good care is essential for long-lasting enjoyment of the device. The service life of a heat pump is approximately 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance of the device is essential to ensure proper operation and a long service life.

Is a maintenance contract worthwhile?

A maintenance contract for your heat pump is a practical thing: you pay an annual lump sum, in return for which the maintenance is carried out regularly without you having to call in a technician each time. This means that you do not forget about maintenance, are spared the search for a specialist and can be sure that your heat pump is always in good condition.

Another advantage: with a maintenance contract, important services such as travel are already included. If you conclude a maintenance contract with us directly, you can be sure that a technician authorized by alpha innotec really always carries out the maintenance.

Remote maintenance of your heat pump

Do you have a problem with your heat pump and want an uncomplicated and quick solution? In this case, remote maintenance is worthwhile. If you integrate your heat pump into a remote maintenance system (such as alpha web/alpha control), you enable the technician to access the system remotely. This means that they can check the settings and possibly fix problems directly without having to come to your home. This saves nerves, time and costs.

Vulnerable components of a heat pump

The operating principle and components of a heat pump are very similar to those of a refrigerator. Just as with the latter, the individual components of the device are usually not particularly susceptible to interference. If you have invested in a brine-to-water heat pump, you can also enjoy the virtually unlimited service life of collectors or probes.

Things are somewhat different with a water-to-water heat pump:
The basic unit and heating system require the same maintenance as the other types. However, with this design, the heat source is not maintenance-free. The wells are subject to aging processes and fouling and sedimentation may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly visually inspect the wells as part of maintenance and to clean them if necessary.

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