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LUXTRONIK heat pump control


Our heat pumps with LUXTRONIK 2.0 and 2.1 control technology have a wide range of functions and high connectivity thanks to the factory-installed network interface. The integration of photovoltaic systems, swimming pools and additional control units is easy possible.

Our LUXTRONIK heat pump control enables effortless Internet integration without additional accessories - and free of charge!

The LUXTRONIK heat pump control:

  • Smart Grid Ready
  • BACnet capable
  • Modbus TCP capable
  • Integrated web server

Compatible with a wide range of devices, it offers installers a powerful tool for remote maintenance via heatpump24. End customers benefit from a user-friendly app for convenient control of their heat pump. For customers with the LUXTRONIK control system from version 3.89.4, we recommend the extended connectivity with myUplink.

Optimize your heat pump control - simple, efficient, everywhere.