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The idea of a house within a house


The glass Art Nouveau building was built in the 1920s at the instigation of the Krefeld city fathers of the time as a greenhouse to enable the sensitive municipal plants to be overwintered while remaining undamaged. It also functioned as such until the end of the last century.

Different utilization ideas followed, but never proved to be particularly sustainable. For some time, therefore, the building stood largely unused. This was a condition that demanded a remedy.

When Martin Klein-Wiele planned to move from Düsseldorf to Krefeld a few years ago, he first scouted the market for a suitable property for himself and his family. In this situation, a colleague confronted him with the question of whether he would like to buy the Palm House. This triggered an emotional roller coaster for Klein-Wiele. "The idea was intriguing, but I had doubts about whether the building would be too big at 300 square meters."

Decision support came from a friend and colleague who teaches on the subject of energy-efficient construction as a research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel. "When I asked him if it was feasible and reasonable to build, live and reside in such a property, he said: absolutely."


client: Innenarchitekt Martin Klein-Wiele
Place: Krefeld
Year of construction : 1720
Year of construction residential house: 2020
Total heated area: 180 m²
heating system: SWC 82K3
Intended use: Heating, cooling and hot water productionAusführender Heating operation: Lumitronic GmbH



The SWC brine-to-water heat pumps from alpha innotec are more flexible in terms of installation than almost any other device and can be combined optimally with other energy suppliers, such as photovoltaic or solar systems, and are thus perfectly adapted to a wide variety of conditions and requirements. But the device is not only convincing on the inside. The "packaging" is also impressive: with its noble and modern design, the heat pump fits into any living ambience and can, as a result, in the absence of space or a cellar, also be placed in living rooms. And don't worry: the heat pump is barely audible in operation! With the SWC, you can heat and prepare domestic hot water in an environmentally friendly and efficient way, enjoy the individual feel-good climate throughout the house and hot water when showering and bathing.

No other heating system can do that: heating in winter, cooling in summer. Natural cooling is a very cost-effective way of using the low temperatures in the ground to cool rooms in summer in a pleasant and environmentally friendly way, because the heat pump remains switched off during the cooling phase. The room temperature is lowered via panel heating or fan-assisted convectors. Depending on the equipment, the cooling function is already integrated or available as an optional accessory.

The geothermal borehole was set on the east side of the Palm House and the probe was driven to a depth of 113 meters. Due to the relatively low heat demand – inside the Palm House the temperature never drops below zero degrees Celsius – a single geothermal probe is sufficient to supply the heat pump with sufficient primary energy from the earth.


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