Start Products Hot water heat pumps

Water comfort for the home

A heat pump storage tank ensures a stable heat supply for hot water and heating. Here you will find an overview of domestic hot water heat pumps and a wide range of hot water storage tanks, such as domestic hot water, multifunctional and buffer storage tanks from alpha innotec.

Domestic hot water heat pumps in overview

A domestic hot water heat pump or hot water heat pump serves as an energy-saving supplement within the central water preparation. Enjoy comfortably warm water and save money at the same time! Our hot water heat pumps fit everywhere and are easy to install. It doesn't matter whether the property is a new build or an old building - the old domestic hot water tank is simply replaced by the new domestic hot water heat pump.

Domestic hot water preparation

Which heat pump is right for you?

If you have chosen a heat pump, you have already done everything right. It's just a matter of which heat pump suits you, your property and individual requirements. For this purpose, the following questions have to be answered: what heating capacity is required, should the heat pump also cool in summer and where should the heat pump be installed?