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High capacity heat pumps for industry and large-scale projects

In the world of sustainable energy supply, high capacity heat pumps play a crucial role for industry and large-scale projects. At alpha innotec, we understand the importance of this technology for businesses, municipalities and industrial applications. Our high capacity heat pump product lines are specifically designed to offer high performance and reliability while operating efficiently.

On this page you will find an overview of our state-of-the-art high capacity heat pumps, which have been specially developed to meet the needs of demanding large-scale projects. From planning to installation - we support our partners with expertise and customized solutions. Discover now how our alpha innotec heat pumps can help your project to cut energy costs, reduce CO2 emissions and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Heat pumps for industrial use

Browse through our selection of high capacity heat pumps and find the perfect solution for your project. Our innovative systems not only offer you outstanding efficiency and performance, but also set new standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. At alpha innotec, you will find the right heat pump for every challenge.
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alpha innotec is revolutionizing the way companies and public institutions access thermal energy.

Our advanced industry heat pumps go far beyond the use of traditional heat sources such as air, ground or water. They are masterfully designed to extract heat from a wide range of sources. From the recovery of process heat in industrial plants to the use of waste heat from waste water systems, we ensure that energy that would otherwise remain unused is put to valuable use. We focus on innovative heat solutions that are both economically and ecologically pioneering.

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Discover our innovative district solutions


Current building regulations require heat supply that comes from renewable energy sources. With forthcoming stricter guidelines, the use of renewable energies in the heat supply for new buildings will become even more important. At the same time, the standards for thermal insulation of the building envelope are increasing, which reduces the demand for primary and final energy. District concepts that are in line with the latest regulations and and climate protection are intended to realize synergies and efficiency gains.