Retrofitting a heat pump? You can even do it in the attic!

Heat pumps are now the most popular heating system in new buildings. But in your old building, you may have steep and narrow staircases, narrow doors, a mini garden - and to top it all off, neighbors who like to argue. No problem! The Paros air/water heat pump from alpha innotec only takes up 0.3 square meters of floor space, weighs just 116 kilos and is super quiet. You can even hide the heat pump in the attic. So don't let fossil fuel fans try to convince you. You can practically always get a heat pump for indoor use.

Challenge 1: Heat pump and limited space in a new building

Your dream of owning your own home is finally about to come true. The plot area you can plan for is probably much smaller than that of your parents' and grandparents' generation, as building land is scarce and expensive. Plus or minus 200 square meters of plot area is the new normal for a townhouse in an urban suburb. You may also want to avoid a basement to save on the building budget. This is when the competition for the remaining, scarce space in the living area begins. Whether it's the heating system, domestic hot water tank, washing machine or hobby corner, everything has to be accommodated there.

Where to put the heat pump in your new townhouse or prefabricated house? If you have a small plot of land, you will naturally be limited in terms of outdoor space - also to avoid any discussions with the neighbors. In this case, the compact and low-noise Paros heat pump is ideal, which you can install flexibly in the basement, utility room or even in the attic in combination with the buffer tank or domestic hot water tank. With a sound power level of 48dB(A) and 45dB(A) in night mode, it makes no more noise than your fridge.

Challenge 2: Replacing the central heating in townhouses or apartment buildings

Paros heat pump in the attic

Installation of the Paros heat pump on the attic

If you have a tight building, small living space and narrow staircases, you will probably put off replacing the heating for as long as possible. Especially if your garden is small and you already know that the neighborhood will complain about the quietest heat pump. Perhaps the prospect that you can not only save energy costs with a heat pump, but also increase your living space, can make your decision easier.

Where to put the heat pump in your old townhouse or estate house? In the vast majority of cases, you will always gain space with a compact monobloc heat pump instead of your old oil or gas heating system. The Paros air/water heat pump also has the advantage that you can install it in the attic and use your basement as an additional storage room or hobby corner. As the Paros weighs just over 100 kilos, even narrow doors and steep stairs are no problem. And most importantly, you can connect the Paros to your existing heating system.

What is special about the Paros air/water heat pump?

The alpha innotec development department has given the Paros a unique concept for air routing. This makes it the first air/water heat pump that can even draw in ambient heat through the roof. The air is supplied to the side, to the rear, upwards through the wall or through the roof and then discharged again. And in combination: as a roof+roof connection, as a wall+wall connection or as a wall+roof connection. The innovative air duct system allows a minimum distance of just 1 m between the two ducts without the risk of thermal short circuits. In other words, the cool air that is extracted from the heat pump cannot be drawn in again immediately.

Summary: Paros, our compact indoor heat pump, is a real alternative when space is limited and buildings are tight. Thanks to the clever air routing, it can be installed flexibly from the basement to the attic.

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