The most climate-friendly and efficient heating system

Heat pumps are already being installed in every third new building – and the trend is rising. This is due to the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), the increasing demands for a modern environmentally friendly heating system and the increasingly quiet and efficient heat pumps. Heat pumps provide more than just heating.

Why use a heat pump in new construction?

When the choice is made to use a heat pump in a new building, the decision is made for a particularly climate-friendly heating system. Heat pumps easily meet the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance, while providing very energy-efficient and cost-effective heating. They generate three to five kilowatt hours of heat with one kilowatt hour of electricity, depending on the annual performance factor. At the same time, they actively protect the climate, because heat pumps mainly heat with ambient heat and require only a small amount of electricity. This environmental heat from air, water or the ground is available free of charge and unlimited. Also in summer, the heat pump offers a special advantage over oil or gas heating, because it can not only heat, but also cool on hot summer days. Underfloor heating will be installed for the most part in a new building. Here, the heat pump represents the ideal partner to heat the house as energy-efficiently as possible.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps work on the same well-known principle as a refrigerator. The difference is that the heat pump extracts heat from the outside and gives it to the house as heating energy, while the refrigerator extracts heat from its interior and gives it to the outside. In this process, the heat pump obtains its energy from the environment and requires only a small amount of electricity.

Advantages of a heat pump in new buildings

  • A heat pump is a particularly climate-friendly alternative to oil or gas heating without direct CO2 emissions.
  • Through the use of renewable energy, there is no dependence on the rising prices of fossil fuels.
  • The heat pump is the only heating system that can not only heat, but also cool.
  • When choosing for a climate-friendly heating system, high subsidies are possible.
  • The heat pump is a modern heating system that increases the value of real estate in the long term.
  • Heat pumps are very space-saving and take up little space m the house or the garden.

Heat pumps with photovoltaic power

A popular duo for new construction is the combination of a heat pump and a photovoltaic system. It is a particularly environmentally friendly way to heat the house without fossil fuels. By using green solar power, the electricity required for heat production by the heat pump can be obtained in a regenerative and climate-friendly way. In the process, heating costs for operation are reduced and fossil fuels are saved.

Especially in new buildings, the combination of a heat pump and photovoltaics is particularly effective. The entire heat pump heating and PV system is perfectly coordinated from the very beginning.

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