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By registering as a specialist partner on our portal, you enjoy a range of benefits and have online access to all your customers' heat pump systems.

Advantages of heatpump24 for specialist partners:

  • Online access to all your customers' heat pump systems
  • Remote adjustment of the heat pump
  • Fault reset possible online
  • Notification in the event of a fault via e-mail and SMS (depending on the tariff selected)
  • Automatic data retrieval and readout of various information (operating modes, temperatures, running times)
  • Automatic fault query and renewed fault notification to installer and homeowner (depending on the tariff selected)
  • Documentation of error messages and changed settings for at least 24 months
  • Online upload of the latest software version possible (from access "ab KD-Partner" or directly via the service of ait-deutschland)
  • Time saving, fewer on-site appointments necessary - many things can be done conveniently online from the office
  • Flexibility - no additional software or hardware required, only internet connection (flat rate recommended)
  • Remote monitoring of systems possible (additional benefit for homeowners)

Registration at heatpump24

Step 1

Download and return the signed remote setting contract. Important: Please always state the serial number of your heat pump!

Step 2

After checking the data and installation, you will receive your access data for logging on to heatpump24.

Step 3

Online registration on heatpump24 of heat pump systems by you as the installer or by the homeowner.

Step 4

Log in and use the advantages of the portal


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Note: To use heatpump24, you need an HTML5-capable browser with JavaScript enabled.

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