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Environmentally friendly heating – heat pumps from alpha innotec

Heat pump users are independent of fossil, finite energy sources and the associated price developments. Heat pumps use 75% renewable energy from the air, groundwater or earth. Only the remaining 25 percent of the electricity required has to be drawn from the grid or generated via a solar system on the roof. This makes the heat pump a particularly resource-saving and climate-friendly solution – for heating and cooling buildings of all types and sizes.

The range of applications of alpha innotec's heat pumps are extremely versatile. They can air-condition single and two-family homes, as well as be installed as part of new construction and renovation projects. We also provide suitable heat pump systems for companies, municipalities and large-scale plants, thus creating holistic and future-proof energy concepts.

The types of heat pump at a glance

In order to ideally use all the advantages of a heat pump, it is crucial to decide which heat pump meets your own requirements. In addition to air-to-water heat pumps for indoor and outdoor installation, brine-to-water heat pumps are also available for indoor installation.

Intelligent energy concepts

Mastering the energy transition in cities

Heat pumps are the key to a climate-friendly heat supply. It is no wonder that more and more municipalities are now tackling the issue of energy efficiency solutions for entire districts and neighborhoods. After all, heat supply is one of the largest and, thus, most relevant energy consumption sectors for effective climate protection.

With our energy concepts team, we at alpha innotec offer customized solutions for cities and municipalities to successfully master the changeover to climate-friendly heating systems.

Domestic hot water

hot water comfort for the home

Heat pumps are the key to a climate-friendly heat supply. It is no wonder that more and more municipalities are now tackling the issue of energy efficiency solutions for entire districts and neighborhoods. After all, heat supply is one of the largest energy consumption sectors and, thus, one of the most relevant for effective climate protection

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Good indoor air quality is important, both for our health and for the building fabric: Discover our living room ventilation systems
Ventilation systems

Intelligent heating control


Optimize your home with intelligent control technology for heat pumps. Experience maximum efficiency, individual comfort and noticeable energy savings. Perfectly tailored to your needs - for a smarter, warmer home.

Connect your home


Discover the digital future with our smart home solutions and apps. Control your heat pump conveniently via smartphone, enjoy cloud-based flexibility and maximize efficiency and comfort in your home.

Questions about the heat pump

What are the different heat sources available?

A heat pump can use air, earth or water as heat sources.

Operating principle heat pumps

What is the investment difference in terms of the heat source?

Air is, of course, available free of charge. Geothermal collectors are less expensive than borehole heat exchangers, because there is no need for deep drilling. The cost of development must be examined on a case-by-case basis. In addition, costs may be incurred for soil surveys, approval procedures, etc.

Can a heat pump heat the building completely?

Yes, of course. Heat pumps are available with a range of heating capacities. The heating engineer can advise you and calculate the right size for you.

Can I also control the heat pump with my smartphone?

Yes, alpha innotec offers its own smart home solutions and apps to control its heat pumps

Why a heat pump at all? What are the arguments in favor?

Heat pumps score points over heating systems using fossil fuels thanks to their eco-balance, energy efficiency and sustainability. They are also unbeatable in terms of cost efficiency calculated over their service life.

What is the service life of my heat pump? Is it as long as my oil/heating boiler?

A heat pump has a service life of 15-20 years. Since the development of heat pump technology is advancing rapidly and there are numerous government subsidies, it may even be advantageous to replace a ten-year-old heat pump with a new one.

Why do heat pumps need an electric heater in the first place?

To be ensured and to be best prepared – whether it's to heat buildings completely, to provide for possible malfunctions, or to provide support in extremely low outside temperatures.

Can a heat pump cool?

Yes, heat pumps are the only heating system that can also be used for cooling. With many heat pumps, the cooling function is already integrated. Some models can also be retrofitted.

Cooling with heat pumps