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According to statistics from the German Federal Environment Agency, the use of hot water accounts for an average of about 16 % of the heat demand in households (as of 2016). At the same time, Germany's private households consume around 12 % of the energy for the provision of hot water alone, and this figure is as high as 25 % for electrically operated hot water heating. Hot water can therefore be a major energy guzzler. With a domestic hot water heat pump from alpha innotec, you can prepare the hot water you need in a cost-effective and climate-friendly way.

What is a domestic hot water heat pump?

The domestic hot water heat pump is a separate device and functions without any further supply from a "classic" heat pump that is used for space heating. Instead, it normally uses the waste heat from other household appliances and is therefore usually installed in the boiler room. It is uncomplicated to install and can simply be connected via a mains plug.

How does a domestic hot water heat pump work?

Most domestic hot water heat pumps use the principle of the air-to-water heat pump: they extract part of the heat from the air with the help of a refrigerant until it evaporates. The vapour is compressed, which increases not only the pressure but also its temperature, and passed on to a heat exchanger. There, the refrigerant condenses and transfers the heat to the domestic hot water, which can reach a temperature of 50 to 65 °C as a result. The refrigerant, which is liquid again, is returned to the starting point - via an expansion valve that reduces its pressure - where it can absorb heat again.

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Domestic hot water preparation at a glance

The water that comes out of our taps is called drinking water. It is intended for human consumption and is also used for a variety of other purposes, e.g. personal hygiene, cleaning the house, watering the garden and much more. When drinking water is heated (usually between 30 and 60 °C), it is called hot water.

To reduce your energy demand, you can use a domestic hot water heat pump, which heats your domestic water in an economical and climate-friendly way. It doesn't take much: a consistently warm installation site with more than 10 °C for optimal efficiency and a power connection are all that is needed. The recipe for a more positive climate balance is therefore very simple.

A domestic hot water heat pump is primarily a sensible investment if hot water production via the central heating system is not an option. In such cases, electric instantaneous water heaters are often used. A domestic hot water heat pump would be the much more economical and climate-friendly solution here.

Advantages of a domestic hot water heat pump

The domestic hot water heat pump offers several advantages in those areas where it can be used sensibly: By installing it indoors, not only can the air in the room be optimally used to generate heat, but the unit also counteracts mould growth at the same time by dehumidifying the room. In contrast to some heat pumps for space heating, a domestic hot water heat pump does not require any elaborate planning or approval from the authorities. It can be connected to the pipes of your house by simple hand movements of a specialist and only requires electricity for the drive, which it draws from a conventional socket.

Costs of a domestic hot water heat pump

The purchase of a domestic hot water heat pump costs around 3,000 to 4,000 €.
In addition, there are the costs for installing the device, which should definitely be carried out by a professional. Due to the simple and uncomplicated installation - electricity connection and water connection - this can be dealt with within a few hours.

An average domestic hot water heat pump with an annual performance factor of 3 requires approx. 810 kWh of electricity for a 4-person household, assuming a per capita consumption of 40 litres heated to 45 °C. This results in an annual electricity consumption of approx. 1,000 kWh. Per year, at an electricity price of approx. 29 cents per kWh, this results in running costs of around 235 €

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