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Heating with geothermal energy: brine/water heat pumps

A brine-to-water heat pump is a variant of heating that is as efficient as it is environmentally friendly. It obtains its energy from the inexhaustible earth. Here, constant temperatures of about 8-10 degrees prevail throughout the year. Depending on the local and structural conditions, geothermal heat can be used with a brine-to-water heat pump using ground probes or ground collectors.

An overview of brine-to-water heat pumps

Choosing a ground source heat pump from alpha innotec not only actively protects the climate, but also saves important resources. Our products are of outstanding "Made in Germany" quality and will win you over with their high efficiency and low noise levels.

Brine/Water heat pumps for indoor installation

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The ground is a wonderful energy supplier for the ground source heat pump due to the constant temperatures. The energy can be obtained using ground collectors or geothermal probes, but this requires major structural measures. Whether a brine-to-water heat pump is suitable is easily determined by an expert on site.